Alejandro Maass

Universidad de Chile (Chile)
Prof. Alejandro Maass is Director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling (Chile), Full Professor at the University of Chile, and Associate Researcher of the Center for Genome Regulation (Chile). During his professional career he has assumed different scientific responsibilities in Chile: President of the National Council of Sciences from 2006 to 2008; responsible of the Chilean-French cooperation program ECOS-CONICYT since 2007, among others. His work in stimulating the scientific cooperation with France was recognized with the distinction “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite” in 2007. He is an applied mathematician with a broad research scope, including dynamical systems, bioinformatics and systems biology. He has specialized in the application of genomic techniques to mining, fishery, avian and winery sectors. In recognition for his remarkable contributions on these areas, in 2009 he obtained the Latin American and Caribbean Mathematical Union Prize.
Dynamical Networks in Systems Biology: What keeps microorganisms together? Lessons from the Atacama Desert
In this talk we will discuss about problems arising from the study of biodiversity, in particular communities of microorganisms. The main question is to understand why the communities are together and how do they configurate their dynamical behaviour. As case study we will consider communities of microorganisms found in the Atacama Desert and the main technical/mathematical issue concerns the study of their metabolism.