Members: Luis BriceñoJulio DeridePedro GajardoCristopher Hermosilla

The AM2V Optimization research group focuses on the study and analysis of mathematical programming, optimal control and calculus of variation problems as well as on mathematical modeling of industrial applications and decision-making processes, such as: image decomposition and restoration, solar and wind power generation forecasts, control of biological processes and contagious diseases, natural resource management.

Optimization or, more generally, modern variational analysis, covers many techniques coming from different mathematical fields such as: topology, convex analysis, integral and differential calculus, partial differential equations, stochastic processes, linear algebra, among others. Specifically, the scientific work developed by the AM2V Optimization research group is primarily devoted to modeling optimization problems, studying the existence of optimal solutions, finding characterizations for such solutions and developing practical methods for approximating optimal solutions or their corresponding optimal values.